文斋 (wén zhāi = cultural/literacy, study/office)

Wen Studio means culture, literacy and learning space, and in this sense better understanding rules of communities, caring, nourishing, learning, developing and enhancing what it is to be human. One of our main goals is producing experience-based learning solutions, implementing cultural projects, and publishing books expressing the importance and everlasting actuality of story-telling. Reading books may get people slow down and turn their attention to their inner world of thoughts and feelings before and after work and in between activities of daily life.


We develop projects and creative IT visual installations in teams with the involvement of engineers, artists, and graphic designers specializing in design and coding. We are designing technology-driven installations and experiential learning solutions for public collections and educational institutions.


Art and cultural project development

Information technology consultancy

Digital installations

Social science, human research, development

Digital curriculum development

Organization of educational activities

Book Design

Book Publishing

Adult Education


Hungarian Chen Style Xin Yi Hun Yuan Tai Ji Quan Association

Metamorphoses Story Therapy Association

Magyar-Bhutan Friendship Company